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  • 22Mar

    Capcom to release DuckTales Remastered

    PAX East has launched and Capcom starts it with a bang as they announce DuckTales Remastered. The title will be published by Capcom and created by WayForward Technologies. The new version is a remaster of the classic NES title. There will be some new features added. The new version has new hand-drawn sprites, and will feature original voice work. It’s coming to Wii U, PSN, and XBLA for $15. Basically a must buy for me. I loved the original game. Here is the reveal trailer: Ah nostalgia! I love it! Follow

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  • 11Apr

    Pax East: Firefall PvE demo

    I’ve been able to follow Firefall since I first saw it at Pax Prime back in 2010. I thought that this more shooter oriented, free to play MMO was bringing something else to the table for someone who is more into shooters or just even sci-fi. It’s been great to see how Firefall has changed and developed over the years, and this year at Pax East I was able to play a bit of the PvE that will be in the game and experience a bit of the beta. I first was shown an intro video by Lead Designer Scott Youngblood, which sets up the story for Firefall. In this cinematic, we are shown the maiden voyage of the Arclight and the events that took place to get the world to as we see it in Firefall. It’s a very well done cinematic that sets up the story quite well

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  • 05Apr

    Angels at PAX East 2012

    PAX East 2012 starts in Boston today and GamingAngels staff are there to cover everything that happens! Most of the Angels will be traveling today but there are many ways to follow our coverage. You can check here at GamingAngels for any PAX East announcements and hands-on with the games that are showcased. You can follow @Stealthyslyth, @cherithe, @kweenie, and @UziSuzuki as well as the GamingAngels twitter – @GamingAngels. We’re going to try and capture moments at PAX in a very unique way this year. We’ve set up an Instagram – for you to follow and see what we see at PAX East (and future cons!) If you are at PAX, stop by and say hi! Get in on an Instagram pic! Follow

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  • 04Apr

    Astro Gaming headsets are the official PAX East selection this year

    At PAX East this weekend in Boston, Astro Gaming headsets will be the official choice of the show. This is the fifth consecutive PAX event to use Astros as the official headset. To get your hands on a pair to try out, head over to the PC Free Play area, where computers will be outfitted with 350 Astro A30 headsets. Of course, if you want to buy a pair, that’s also going to be pretty easy at the show. Over at Booth #1018, you’ll even be able to get a discount. Astro will be premiering their brand-new booth for the 2012 convention season, and there, you’ll also be able to try out A40s, A30s, A*STAR in-ear headsets and also wireless MixAmps. To try out more Astro products, you can visit the following booths:   Perfect World Entertainment (Booth #736) Red 5 Studios (Booth #536) Riot Games (Booth 690)  Sega (Booth #448, 548)  Square Enix (Booth

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  • 02Feb

    Women in Games: Susan Arendt, Managing Editor at The Escapist

        Welcome, GamingAngels readers! It’s time to start bringing you more Women in Games interviews. Why? Because so many people don’t realize all the different ways that you can work with games. You don’t have to be a programmer, or an artist — you can take your skills and make a gaming-related career out of it, and that’s pretty awesome. We start with someone who can answer quite a few of the questions I’ve gotten (mainly, how do I start writing about games?) much better than I ever could — Susan Arendt, Managing Editor at The Escapist. Not only will you learn how she got into this and what she does on any “typical” day (even though there isn’t one), but you’ll also find out about what she loves in female game characters (and you can view her whole PAX panel on that here, hooray), what she looks for

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  • 23Mar

    PAX East Panel: Females on Female Characters (pt. 2 – Q&A)

    So yesterday I posted the first half of the Females on Female Characters panel from PAX East 2011. Today, you get the second half of the panel, which consisted of responses from the panel to the audiences comments and questions. I apologize ahead of time for the shaky-cam as I switched from the panelists to the audience members. And a reminder that there may be some more mature language in the video. Follow

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  • 22Mar

    PAX 2011 Panel: Females on Female Characters (pt. 1)

    Hey everyone we have video from the Females on Female Characters Panel we told you that Trina would be on at PAX East. The panel was hosted by Susan Arendt, Senior Editor at the Escapist. The panel of five women chat about female video game characters for a half hour. The last half of the hour was spent responding to questions and comments from the surprising large audience. Here, I’ve got the first half hour ready for you to watch. I’ll have the second half hour (the Q&A) up soon, so keep an eye out. Follow

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  • 08Mar

    PAX East Panel: Females on Female Characters

    Hi Angels! This weekend is PAX East and you know GamingAngels will be attending. @Cherith, @Stealthyslyth, @Kweenie and I will all be in attendance for the con. We’ll have buttons to hand out and will be covering all the news from PAX East for you. I am honored to announce that I am going to be on a panel with other amazing women. Tracey John (most recently from, AJ Glasser, News Editor for GamePro and Kathleen DeVere of sketch comedy troupe Loading Ready Run join myself and Susan Arendt (Senior Editor of Escapist) on the panel. Here is the information on Females on Female Characters at the Wyvern Theatre Saturday 3-4pm. Basically, my goal in creating this panel was getting intelligent, nerd-savvy women talking about the things that *really* frustrate us about how females are represented in games and nerd culture (movies, tv, comics, etc). A lot of assumptions

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  • 24Feb

    IDGA Hosting Game Industry Panels at PAX EAST

    The International Game Developers Association (IGDA) is adding to PAX East’s already packed schedule with three full days of sessions for working developers and people interested in game industry careers. “After our first joint effort with PAX in 2010, IGDA members told us how much they liked attending development sessions while being able to enjoy PAX at the same time, so we decided to take things up to 11 and create a full program for PAX East,” Gordon Bellamy, executive director, IGDA, said. “Nothing will make us happier than to see each session filled with gamers ready to create the next Halo.” The sessions keynote will be given by Turbine Executive Producer Fernando Paiz. His talk, “The Game Monetization Revolution: Embracing new business models that are good for both players and developers”  will take place Saturday.  Paiz oversees Dungeons & Dragons Online and joined Turbine in 2004 as Director of

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  • 23Feb

    Gamers Gone Wild 21+ Event During PAX East

    Our friends at, along with, are hosting a 21-and-up party on March 27, 2010 at Lir Irish Pub (literally across the street from the convention!) during PAX East in Boston. Some famous faces (and voices!) will be there, and a Rock Band tournament, costume contest and prize giveaways will keep the night fun. Here’s all the information for those of you who choose to go: SFX-360.COM & 2OLD2PLAY.COM present Gamers Gone Wild! An all access, 21+ party packed with some of the HOTTEST GAMERS from around the country attending PAX East! * Hit the stage in our 3-6-0 Rock Band Tournament: 3 Judges, 6 Rounds, 0 Talent! * Check out some of the wildest costumes in the 2old2cosplay Contest! Mens, Womens, and Best Overall Costumes to be decided! * Win PRIZES all night with SPECIAL CELEBRITY GUESTS Carlos Ferro and WCG ProdigyX! * Win an Xbox 360 from

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