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  • 12Sep

    Penny Arcade Expo 2009 Overview

    The Great! There are rumors of this year’s PAX reaching 60,000+ nerds and nerdettes in attendance this year, which is a far cry from the 3,300 at the first PAX. Bethesda has a new game coming out! To anyone who showed up last year, you’ll remember the gigantic spectacle that was Fallout 3. Unfortunately, Brink is still far from release so there wasn’t anything near that grand this year (maybe next year?). Although a word for developers: if you want people to see your game and be interested in it, don’t surround the demo area in frosted glass that people are unable to look through. Bioshock had it’s own little stage area set up… These clues must mean something, but my PAX Pox-riddled brain can’t seem to put the pieces together. However, anyone who has followed the Bioshock 2 story thus far will truly appreciate what they’ve done here. The

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  • 12Apr

    Penny Arcade Episode 1 Review

    Platform: Xbox Live Arcade ERSB: M for Mature Genre: Adventure Number of Players: 1 Publisher: Microsoft Release Date: 5/21/2008 Official Website Writer: Smatchiemo Rating: 8.5 Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness – Episode One Graphics: Many other reviews have criticized the environments of this game, and that, frankly, is a baseless criticism. The backgrounds in this game are the perfect blend of style and realism, and one of the first things about the game that draws you in. While there are only four “areas” to explore (and one is a little girl’s room; not much exploring there), they are filled with seemingly limitless hidden treasures of text and trinket. Controls: This game suffers from a plague that has afflicted most 360 games; most of the text and button cues are too small to read on a normal, human-sized television. The turn-based battle system relies on pushing one

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