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  • 31Jul

    Burn Zombie Burn! Invades Playstation Home

    A graveyard now exists in Playstation Home in the new Burn Zombie Burn! Playstation Home Space. The new space has the cartoony art style of the game and has visitors wandering through the graveyard, crypts and a maze. There are goodies and extras in the two crypts if you’re brave enough to go in. I’m probably not. They aren’t saying what the third crypt has inside. Follow

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  • 30Jul

    Playstation Home launches movie theater, Fat Princess

    According to PS Blog, the US Home update is live and it includes a Movie Theater and a new Fat Princess Space. The Movie Theater update now has a brand-new 10 screen layout, a new lobby, and the ability to unlock rewards in select screening rooms. The screening rooms will have exclusive videos over the next few months and there is a possibility for full-length tv shows or movies. Burn Zombie Burn has an area where you can watch Burn Zombie Burn videos, or go through the zombie-infested maze mini-game. In the new Fat Princess space there will be an event launched tomorrow “Quest for Cake”. Gamers will have to find eight pieces of cake locked away in cages. To unlock the cake, feed the princess and search for clues. Follow

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  • 16Jul

    Club Fight Night opens in Playstation Home

    EA has created a club in Playstation Home for gamers to hang out in. Club Fight Night features content from Fight Night Round 4, like a main room, stage, and a full sized boxing ring. To complete the club atmosphere there is a VIP booth and DJ table. Club Fight Night has a new robot boxing game which will be available soon. The game is created for anyone to jump in and winners will get treated to exclusive virtual items. Club Fight Night let’s gamers take over the DJ turntables and try to entertain the crowd. I decided to load up Playstation Home and check it out. Right away, I’ve noticed a quicker loading and installing system which is nice. But as I step into Home, I am quickly surrounded by four dudes. *sigh* The club environment is pretty cool and seeing that it’s noon there aren’t that many people

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  • 15Jul

    Only 30% of users return to Playstation Home

    At the Develop Conference, Sony’s Peter Edwards revealed that the return rate for Playstation Home is somewhere around 25-30%. This means that 70% of all users try the service but never return. The speech also revealed that while Playstation Home is supposed to be a casual, welcoming virtual area, 80% of it’s users are “young males”. Sony is making money from Playstation Home with over six million items of virtual furniture and clothing having been downloaded. [source via] Follow

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  • 20May

    Resistance 2 gets its own space in Home

    SCEA has announced that coming tomorrow, May 21, is a new area to Playstation Home. The Resistance dedicated Home space will feature a turret-style FPS mini-game, reward items, leaderboards and full game launching support. Higher the score in the game, the more virtual goods you will unlock. Tomorrow, Community Managers will be on site to play against and Insomniac folks will also be dropping in (hint: next Thursday from 5-6pm PT). The new area also launches Friday Resistance 2 nights from 6pm – 12am. Follow

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  • 23Apr

    EA launches EA Sports Complex in Playstation Home

    EA has launched the EA Sports Complex in Playstation Home for the Playstation 3. The space lets users play a variety of casual multiplayer games online. At launch, there is a tournament style Texas Hold’Em Poker game and EA Sports racing featuring formula-style cars. “We are extremely proud of the compelling and immersive online offerings that are available at launch for EA SPORTS Complex,” said Rob Burnett, senior producer. “EA SPORTS Complex is a dynamic space and was specifically designed to appeal to not only the hardcore sports fan but casual gamers alike.” For the Texas Hold Em Poker you can challenge up to eight of your friends or new friends. There will also be a driving range coming soon for some golf fun. Or you can just check out the trailers for newest EA Sports titles or chat with others about how good you are at EA Sports games.

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  • 16Dec

    My First Impressions of HOME

    I was finally able to download the HOME Open Beta on Thursday. The download took several minutes but it automatically installed it as well. I had a few initial connection issues but I was able to get in and play around with it a little. First thing to do is to create your Avatar. They have some presets that you can build off of so I started with that and modified. The customization is somewhat in depth so you can create something close but not exactly like you. One of the best character customizations that I have seen so far have been in the Tiger Woods games and I was kinda hoping this would be similar. I was able to get something that resembles me but not really. LOL. You can shape and position your head, neck, cheeks, jaw, nose, eyes, ears, chin, and lips. There aren’t a lot of

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