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  • 26Jun

    Hirai announces upgraded PSN to arrive in Spring 2010

    Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Kaz Hirai has announced a new and enhanced version of Playstation Network that should launch next spring. Fortune reports that Hirai suggested that the upgraded service will work with other Sony devices, including phones, cameras, and televisions. “It’s now a matter of what all the services need to look like for each device, and coming out with a rollout plan,” he said. “It’s like city planning here, and we can start small. We don’t need to build New York City overnight.” The goal is to make it easier for consumers. There was also a hint at a loyalty reward type system. Follow

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  • 22Jun

    Fat Princess delayed until “Summer”

    Fat Princess was supposed to be coming to Playstation Network this week, but Sony’s Mike Kebby confirmed on the EU Playstation Blog that Fat Princess will not be coming out in June as promised. “The game is coming at some point this summer, but there is no confirmed release date at the moment.” The beta seems to be still running only no one was online when I tried to play it. Follow

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  • 12Jun

    PSN Cards Now Available in Canada!

    It’s been about a year since the PSN (Playstation Network) cards became available in the US. In that time, I have waited ever so impatiently for them to figure out how to bring the cards to Canada. I don’t like using my credit card to purchase points or Xbox Live time, and I am a huge fan of the pre-paid card. Well, a little birdy had informed me the PSN cards were finally on their way. And today while I was visiting at EB Games, they arrived! PSN cards are available in either $20 or $50 increments (same as our US neighbours). The first game I bought today was Q-Bert! Holding off now for Fat Princess because that game looks awesome! You can find me on the PSN: Yuki-Hime Follow

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  • 11Jun

    PopCap’s Heavy Weapon comes to PSN

    PopCap Games is bringing Heavy Weapon to Playstation Network starting today for $9.99. Heavy Weapon brings classic arcade shooter fun including 19 stages all with difficult level bosses. It’s PopCap, so you know the game will be fun. There are trophies in the game as well as 6 secret upgradable weapons. The most unique trophy is the “Survive 12 Minutes” trophy players can work with friends to unlock the trophy. On Playstation blog, Michael Santora, associate producer from PopCap Games, says that Peggle and Feeding Frenzy 2 should both be out before the end of the year. Follow

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  • 09Jun

    Viz Media Brings Anime to the PSN

    Today Viz Media announced that they are bringing some of their most popular anime titles to the Playstation Network for US gamers. These titles include the first 13 episodes of Naruto Uncut, the first 20 episodes of Bleach, and the entire series (all 37 episodes) of Death Note. All of these animes will be presented in Standard Definition and with English dubs. “NARUTO, BLEACH and DEATH NOTE are compelling additions to the PLAYSTATION Network and an ideal complement to the dynamic library of content, games and applications available for the PS3 and PSP,” says Ken Sasaki, Vice President of Strategy & Business Development, VIZ Media. “Together, these series have set a new standard for anime throughout the world and the ease of download, combined with portability and interoperability between many media devices, will allow fans to watch their favorite ninjas in training, Soul Reapers and Shinigami Death Gods whether at

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  • 03Jun

    Turtle Beach® Announces Ear Force® P21 Gaming Headset for PlayStation® 3

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  • 27Mar

    Burn Zombie Burn for PSN

    Burn, Zombie Burn is the next big thing from Doublesix. It is an arena based shooter made specially for the Playstation Network. As one could guess from the title, the whole point of the game is burning zombies then shooting them. The game was made to have addicting gameplay, but still a very special personality. The game actually achieves both. The controls are pretty simple, so most people can just come in and pick it up. Left stick moves your character, and there is no camera to control. L1 points to the nearest zombie. R2 switches to secondary weapons. L3 shows where all the weapons are scattered across the field. X is shoot. The character always shoots directly in front of them. The good thing about the variety of weapons is that they don’t disappear until you use them. Items that are dropped from zombies will, though, so it’s best

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  • 16Dec

    My First Impressions of HOME

    I was finally able to download the HOME Open Beta on Thursday. The download took several minutes but it automatically installed it as well. I had a few initial connection issues but I was able to get in and play around with it a little. First thing to do is to create your Avatar. They have some presets that you can build off of so I started with that and modified. The customization is somewhat in depth so you can create something close but not exactly like you. One of the best character customizations that I have seen so far have been in the Tiger Woods games and I was kinda hoping this would be similar. I was able to get something that resembles me but not really. LOL. You can shape and position your head, neck, cheeks, jaw, nose, eyes, ears, chin, and lips. There aren’t a lot of

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  • 02Jul

    PS3’s new update (yay for 2.4)

    written by Vix A few days ago after tearing myself away from World Of Warcraft I decided to dust off my PS3 and try to fix my little networking problem I”ve been having…I kept getting some error msg about a DNS error when I tried connecting to PSN and for the longest time I have been needing to dload the 2.3 update… So I updated VIA media stick since my network was down but after fumbling with my modem and settings etc…it finally worked!! I decided to pick up one of the games I have had but hadn’t played and started that. Finished it today yes!!! Review coming soon Trina :). At some point today when I attempted to log in I was like Oh No not another update that will take a kabillion hours…boy was I glad this update went out. Is it just me or did playing your

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