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  • 03Oct

    PlayStation Mobile is Officially a Thing

    Sony has been trying to find its place in the world of mobile gaming for sometime, most recently with the PlayStation phone–Xperia PLAY–and the PlayStation Vita, both of which have had numerous complaints about quantity of software. Sony has decided to move all of their mobile gaming efforts under one umbrella, which will include the Vita, the Xperia, and all of the PlayStation-certified Android phones and tablets. Today, Sony launches PlayStation Mobile, a new cross-platform game service that provides “PlayStation-quality” games at mobile prices. All games in PlayStation Mobile can be shared up to three different PlayStation-certified devices. Since the Vita is part of the PS-certified device list (provided in full below), Sony has effectively lumped the Vita in with the mobile phone gaming market, something Nintendo swears they aren’t trying to compete against. It’s rather interesting, to say the least. But enough of that, here’s the list of launch

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  • 25Jul

    Under Fire: Burning Vitas

    I’ve been traveling a lot as of late, as most people are prone to do over the summer, so I’ve had more of a chance to play with my Vita than I have in a long, long time. My first game of choice? Resistance: Burning Skies. I’ve heard lots and lots of bad things about this game, but as I’m prone to like things no one else does and vice versa, I still wanted to give this game a shot. I’m a fan of the series and a fan of the Vita, so color me excited. Yeah, that didn’t last long. I’m not going to touch on the story, as that is not worth touching by anyone. Just know this: a firefighter fighting against the chimera isn’t as cool or as fun as the premise sounded. I’m not sure why they selected a firefighter at all when he functions just

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  • 23Jun

    Review: Gravity Rush (PS Vita)

    Rating: Teen  (T) Genre: 3D Platformer Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment Developer: Japan Studio Release Date: June 12, 2012 BUY Before Gravity Rush, I never would have thought gravity manipulation was a useful superpower, but after playing this game, I think it is pretty awesome. The game starts as you wake up in Hekesville and our protagonist doesn’t know who she is or how she got there. She notices a strange looking cat that gives her the power to control gravity. Upon doing some missions, Syd, her cop friend, gives her the name Kat simply because of her power giving feline friend, Dusty. When Kat fell, Nevi started showing up and giving the city some serious problems. This sets up the story for Gravity Rush. The game is set up as your typical superhero-origin-type story. The cut scenes are in comic book form adding to the superhero atmosphere of the game. Some of Kat’s missions don’t

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  • 09Feb

    Want to play your downloadable PSP games on Vita? Sony’s got a list of games you can do it with

    Less than a week before Sony launches the PlayStation Vita First Edition (not that I’m counting or anything), the company has detailed the process of getting downloadable PSP games onto the device. It’s really easy, actually! You can either purchase PSP games directly from the PlayStation Store using the device (or check out your list of purchased games via the Store), or you can also connect your Vita to your PS3 to download any games you might have loaded on your PS3’s XMB. Granted, this will require you to download games to your PlayStation 3 first, assuming you have one, but the Vita’s Content Manager will take over and make the process easy. Of course, all of this knowledge is useless without knowing which games you can actually play — 275 PSP titles and Minis will be available for play on day one with more on the way. This effectively

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  • 07Feb

    UMD Passport program not coming to North America

    Sony informed Kotaku today that the UMD Passport program, first instituted in Japan, would not be available for North American users. This program allowed gamers to put UMD games in their PSPs to register them, then download them at a discount on the Vita. Unfortunately, this means that when Vita launches in North America, you’ll have no way to play the UMD games you’ve collected over the PSP’s lifespan — and you’ll have to keep your PSP if you ever intend to play those games again. Any PSP games you’ve downloaded/purchased digitally will still be available. No reason has been given (as of yet) for not offering the program. It’s possible that, for some reason, it’s just not popular and therefore not worth offering in the U.S. and Canada. Does this change your opinion of the device? I’d say I was bummed out, but I never owned a PSP, so

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  • 06Feb

    Your PSN account is getting renamed

    On February 7, AKA “tomorrow,” your PlayStation Network account is having a bit of a procedure done. At least it’s one you don’t have to pay for — an update to Sony’s Terms of Service, User Agreement and Privacy Policy will change the name of your account from a “PlayStation Network” account to one on the “Sony Entertainment Network.” See? All cosmetic. But there are a few more changes in the ToS that you’ll want to keep an eye on. Here they are, provided by Sony in convenient list form. New terms for parents of minor, subaccount holders regarding the limitations of chat parental controls. Your reacceptance of the Terms of Service and User Agreement and Privacy Policy affirms your consent to the sharing of your child’s data that may occur if your child utilizes certain communication functionalities on PlayStation devices such as PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita systems. New

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  • 27Jan

    Sony announces special edition PS Vita launch bundle

    Sony made some announcements this afternoon that should please folks who are anxious to get their hands on a PlayStation Vita next month. First off, Sony’s made some slight changes to their First Edition PlayStation Vita bundle, which launches on February 15. In addition to the 3G unit, case, game, and 4GB memory card, you’ll also receive an AT&T DataConnect Session Pass, allowing you a free 250MB of online data, and a free PlayStation Network game, just for activating your 3G. A newer bundle’s are what’s sure to have everyone talking, however. For the usual MSRP of a 3G Vita ($299), Sony’s also tossing in an 8GB memory card as well as the same DataConnect Session Pass and free PSN game that First Edition super-early adopters get for activating their 3G. Only difference, really? You’ve got to wait until February 22. So, we’ve got two different bundles here — ultimately,

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  • 10Jan

    Sony reveals PlayStation Vita’s 3G plans

    Remember back at E3, when there was audible booing after AT&T was revealed as the 3G partner for the PlayStation Vita? Well, we finally get a good look at what the data plans for the device look like, thanks to a press release from AT&T. Two plans will be available without a contract, and they look pretty similar to what the carrier already offers for phone data plans. One option allows you 250MB of data for $14.99 a month, while the other ups the data to 2GB for only ten dollars more. Anyone with the data plans also receives access to AT&T’s extensive hotspot network, meaning that it’s less likely for you to use up all of that data…as long as you’re near a Starbucks or McDonald’s, anyway. (Those places have AT&T Wi-Fi, right?) “The data plans for the PlayStation Vita will give gaming enthusiasts a convenient and seamless path

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  • 22Dec

    PlayStation Vita to launch with 25 titles in North America

    Sony Computer Entertainment America has confirmed which games will be available on PlayStation Vita’s release date, February 22. There are 25 titles on the list from both Sony and third parties, and pricing will range from $9.99-$49.99. Here’s the full list. Unless otherwise noted, a game on the list is by Sony. Escape Plan (PSN Only) Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational Hustle Kings (PSN Only) Little Deviants ModNation Racers: Road Trip Super StarDust Delta (PSN only) Uncharted: Golden Abyss wipEout 2048 Army Corps of Hell – Square Enix Asphalt Injection – Ubisoft Ben10 Galactic Racing – D3 Publisher of America Blazblue: Continuum Shift EXTEND – Aksys Games Dungeon Hunter Alliance – Ubisoft, Inc. Dynasty Warriors Next – Tecmo Koei F1 2011 – Codemasters EA Sports FIFA Soccer – Electronic Arts Lumines Electronic Symphony – Ubisoft Michael Jackson The Experience – Ubisoft Plants vs. Zombies (PSN Only) – Sony Online Entertainment

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  • 28Nov

    Vita’s proprietary memory card prices revealed — what does that mean to you?

    Hey, if you didn’t already know, PlayStation Vita requires that you have a memory card in the system. In other words, if you want to save your game, you’ve got to have a memory card. I know, it’s pretty sad that there’s no onboard hard drive space for the handheld of awesomeness. But hey! Guess what? These things are going to be pretty expensive! How expensive? Well, according to GameStop’s nice little Vita portal they’ve got set up at the moment, the prices look a little something like… 4GB – $29.99 8GB – $44.99 16GB – $69.99 32GB – $119.99 If you want a sizable amount of memory, you’re going to have to spend almost half of the system’s cost. That’s a pretty penny to spend on storage space alone. What compounds all of this into a much bigger issue than you’d think is that the memory cards are proprietary,

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