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  • 17Mar

    ‘Heavy Rain’ takes home three BAFTAs, ‘Mass Effect 2’ takes the top prize

    BioWare’s Mass Effect 2 took home the biggest award at last night’s British Academy Video Games Awards as the best game. The voters obviously loved the title, calling it a “combined achievement of technology, art, design [and] audio… a beautiful complete gaming experience.” Quantic Dream’s Heavy Rain took home three awards, however – the BAFTAs for Original Music, Technical Innovation and Story. The only publicly-voted award of the night, the GAME Award, went to Call of Duty: Black Ops. This marks the third consecutive Call of Duty win in this category. Other winners include Kinect Sports, Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and a ton(ne) more. See the complete list at the BAFTAs site. Follow

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  • 03Mar

    “Heavy Rain” leads in NAViGaTR nominations

    Yeah, most people think awards season is over, but it’s definitely not if you’re into video games. The National Academy of Video Game Testers and Reviewers announced the nominees for their tenth annual awards on March 1. The NAViGaTR awards honor games in the fields of art, technology and production, and a large group of media critics, analysts and journalists are the ones casting the votes. The Academy expanded competitive music categories this year as a result of a surge in musical achievement for games. They also chose to give out several honorary musical achievement awards. The recipients of one of these awards go to some of the team behind music game Chime (Martin De Ronde, Ciaran Walsh, Ste Curran, Paul Hartnoll and Philip Glass), which is also nominated for Innovation in Game Play, Use of Sound and Outstanding Special Class Game. Tommy Tallarico and Jack Wall will also receive

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  • 17Jun

    How will PlayStation Move work with “Heavy Rain”? This trailer explains it all

    One of the announcements during the Sony press conference on Tuesday that intrigued me the most was the announcement that Heavy Rain would officially have PlayStation Move support. It was rumored, sure, but until the name popped up on the screen behind Peter Dille, it wasn’t confirmed. Heavy Rain is the kind of game that would be really fun to play all over again in a completely different way, and you’ll get to. If you’ve been wondering exactly how that was going to work, Sony released a trailer that includes a couple playing through a couple of the scenes with a Move controller in hand. It appears that having both the Move and the Navigation Controller are necessary to play. The trailer indicates that this will be “Heavy Rain: Move Edition,” so it’ll probably get some kind of repackaging, but if you own the game already, support comes through a

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  • 13Mar

    Guest Review: Heavy Rain

    Four years ago, while sitting in a tiny, one bedroom apartment in the scorching heat of the summer months, my then-boyfriend-now-husband introduced me to the casting reel for an upcoming gaming experience called Heavy Rain. Mary – whose stirring performance as a spurned housewife was motion-capped and digitally rendered with incredible detail – would continue to stir up conversation, along with a great deal of speculation, for years to come. Developer: Quantic Dream Genre: Interactive Drama ESRB: M (for Mature) Number of players: 1 Publisher: Sony Release Date: February 23, 2010 BUY The genre of interactive drama is relatively new, with Quantic Dream’s innovative ideas paving the way. With the release of 2005’s Fahrenheit (or Indigo Prophecy to us North Americans), published by Atari, Quantic Dream hurled gamers in an entirely new direction. We could no longer afford to weigh our decisions carefully. We had to react. Our decisions echoed

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  • 13Feb

    Demo Impressions: Heavy Rain in HD Video

    The “Four Days Challenge,” a cleverly concocted viral marketing campaign, went public on the 26th of January. The challenge played out as a wild, internet goose chase, where eager followers of the upcoming interactive murder-mystery Heavy Rain scouted various social media websites for a taste of “killer” goodness. The mysterious “Origami Killer” as well as the game’s haunting tagline persisting “What would you do for love?” had me, a doomed lemming of game designer David Cage, enamored from the get-go. Quantic Dream recently surprised loyal detectives with a bit of early glee—a split-segment demo introducing two of the four playable characters in Heavy Rain,  accent-equipped “Nahmen Jeyden” (FBI agent Norman Jayden) and a very burly P.I., Scott Shelby. I’m no longer terrified to admit that I’ve recently made a quick turn-around from being a regretful PS3 owner; exclusives like Heavy Rain, Demon’s Souls, and Uncharted 2 are finally legitimizing my

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  • 28Jan

    Day 1: Heavy Rain “Four Days Challenge” Investigation

    Yeah, the industry likes to up the ante as far as sales however, viral marketing should whet our whistles with “heavy” anticipation; excited intrawebs nerds such as I, want to participate in presumptive flaming before we have access to the actual game. Nothing is more satisfying than a clever and well-executed viral marketing campaign, but I can think of a few video-game companies that have very recently bombed as far as creating something “virally” substantial goes—we won’t go there. Quantic Dream has my undivided attention with their recently announced “Four Day Challenge” on behalf of PS3 exclusive and interactive murder-mystery, Heavy Rain. If you have yet to sign-up, will put your detective skills to the test. Now, here’s where it gets interesting: yours truly has been playing Quantic Dream’s silly games all afternoon, following her nose, and thinking way harder than she probably should be and while it’s to

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