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  • 07Sep

    ‘A Game of Thrones – Genesis’ arrives September 29

    A Game of Thrones – Genesis, based on the world from the series by George R.R. Martin and developed by Cyanide Studio, is being released both in retail outlets and digitally on September 29. The RTS supposedly allows you to use both military and non-military approaches to tackle your enemies. The single-player campaign, which takes you through the founding events and battles of Westeros, was written under supervision from Martin himself, but a multiplayer option is also available for up to 8 players. Follow

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  • 15Feb

    Paradox Interactive releases “Hearts of Iron – the Card Game”

    For those "cast-iron" hearts, Paradox Interactive has the Valentine's Day solution: "Hearts of Iron - The Card Game."

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  • 14Oct

    Review: League of Legends

    Rating: T Genre: MMORPG/RTS Developer: Riot Games Publisher: Riot Games Release Date: October 27th, 2009 BUY League of Legends is  the brain child of Riot Games. The game came out of the very popular Defence of the Ancients (DOTA) mod for the real time strategy game Warcraft III,  which for many players is a wonderful experience. With the history aside, lets look at League of Legends as it own game. Visually speaking, this game is amazing to look at.  The amount of detail that is put into the battlegrounds, the characters themselves, and the special effects are astounding in relation to the fact that this game is free. With so much beauty to behold, it really creates the overall atmosphere of fantasy that Riot Games is attempting to achieve. A few complaints that I have heard from players is the fact that the visual are a little “cartoony”. Of course,

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  • 03Apr

    Review – Command and Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight

    Command and Conquer 4, which concludes the Kane Saga, was released earlier in March for PC players. And as a RTS fan I was underwhelmed. ESRB: T for Teen Genre: Real-Time Strategy Number of Players: 1-10 Publisher: Electronic Arts Release Date: March 16, 2010 PASS The game itself I hate to say is pretty lackluster. The graphics and soundtrack are nice and the gameplay itself is a bit better from the last game, but all in all I just wasn’t impressed. Considering this is supposed to be the finale for a storyline that’s been in the works for approximately 15 years I thought it would feel more epic. Joe Kucan returns to play Kane, and does a good job of it. The cutscenes were pretty nice and the sets seemed better as well. The soundtrack also lent itself nicely to these scenes accentuating the mood of the game. However in

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  • 19Aug

    Majesty 2 GamesCom trailer

    Paradox Interactive released a new trailer for upcoming real-time strategy, Majesty 2: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim. After watching the video you may want to become an oil tycoon but the game is not scheduled for release until September 18, 2009. So try to hold off until then. I know Cherith can’t wait for this title to come out after trying it at E3. Read her thoughts on the game here! Follow

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  • 15Aug

    Review: Swords & Soldiers

    Platform: Nintendo Wii/Wiiware ESRB: E10+ Genre: Real-time Strategy Number of Players: 1-2 Developer: Ronimo Games Release Date: May 15th 2009 (PAL), June 8th 2009 (NA) Rating: 7.5 out of 10 Swords & Soldiers website: Those of you who are looking for their next Wiiware download may be interested to know about this game. “Swords & Soldiers” is being touted as a must for your collection by many sites and magazines, and I can see why. “Swords & Soldiers” is a real-time strategy game, but for me it was more like a “point & click”. However, considering that most Wiiware releases don’t really make use of much else apart from the Wiimote, I guess you could say they were all like that. The animation for the game is 2D, and this gives it a light-hearted cartoon feeling. The music and sound effects mainly clear and appropriate for each setting –

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  • 13Aug

    Brutal Legend multiplayer details and screens

    EA and Double Fine finally talked about the last area of the game that hasn’t been spoken about, multiplayer. Some of the press got a hands-on recently but since we didn’t, I can only tell you some details about multiplayer and not how it plays. Multiplayer will act like a real time strategy. Gamers will build an army to send to battle, but they will also be participating in the battle as well. There are three forces players can select from: Ironheade, The Tainted Coil and The Drowning Doom. Within each unit there are different roles to choose from. Each role has different strengths. There are seven maps that will be playable. Here are some screenshots that show off some of the multiplayer action: Follow

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  • 19Jun

    E3 2009: A Look at Supreme Commander 2

    A look a the new real time strategy game, Supreme Commander 2 coming from Gas Powered Games and Square Enix.

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  • 09Jun

    E3 First Look – Majesty 2

    The first Majesty game is one of the games that’s near and dear to my heart, because I played it all the time during college.  Majesty and StarCraft were the two games I always turned to when I needed to tune out homework, and the rest of the world.  I’m not sure I can convey how excited I was to learn that Paradox Interactive was taking over and creating a new Majesty game, and one that would take on the same world – Ardania and give it an update. In Majesty 2, you’re once again the King of Ardania, except it’s hundreds of years after the first game, and many things have recently gone wrong.  It’s up to you to build your kingdom back up through several campaigns.  Paradox has kept many of the great things about the original game, like it’s sense of humor.  The heroes still have their

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