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  • 07Sep

    ‘A Game of Thrones – Genesis’ arrives September 29

    A Game of Thrones – Genesis, based on the world from the series by George R.R. Martin and developed by Cyanide Studio, is being released both in retail outlets and digitally on September 29. The RTS supposedly allows you to use both military and non-military approaches to tackle your enemies. The single-player campaign, which takes you through the founding events and battles of Westeros, was written under supervision from Martin himself, but a multiplayer option is also available for up to 8 players. Follow

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  • 16Aug

    Review: Age of Empires Online

    Rating: E10+ Genre: MMO/RTS Publisher: Microsoft Game Studio Developer: Gas Powered Games Release Date: August 16, 2011 BUY I have been an Age of Empires fan since the Age of Empires II days. It was my first RTS that I’ve ever played and it cemented my love of the genre. So you can imagine when I heard that there was going to be an Age of Empires Online game, I was intrigued. I figured it would have a lot more PvP aspects to it, and ones that would hopefully be easier to find others to play with than the random matchmaking that had frequent disconnects that I remember from previous titles. Well I’ve spent approximately the last week playing Age of Empires Online and well, I liked it. Now there are some things that I didn’t really like or were a bit clunky, but overall I enjoyed myself and will

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  • 06Apr

    Mushroom Wars DLC now on PSN

    Creat Studios has announced a Mushroom Wars DLC pack for the PlayStation Network: Mushroom Wars Online. This add-on is available for download on the PS3 now for $2.99. Mushroom Wars is a fast-paced RTS, with anime-inspired graphics where players send their armies from their mushroom bases into battle. Mushroom Wars Online will introduce several expansions to the game’s current features, the most exciting being both 4-player online multiplayer and local multiplayer abilities. There’s also new trophies to go along with the new add-on. “We are very excited to bring Mushroom Wars Online to North America,” said Vladimir Starzhevsky, co-founder and CEO of Creat Studios, Inc. “We have received tremendous response from players about the original title and we are proud to provide even more enjoyable gameplay with Mushroom Wars Online.” “On YouTube alone, our fans have posted hundreds of videos of their Mushroom Wars matches.” Said Valeriy Pisarkov, Producer of

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  • 15Feb

    Paradox Interactive releases “Hearts of Iron – the Card Game”

    For those "cast-iron" hearts, Paradox Interactive has the Valentine's Day solution: "Hearts of Iron - The Card Game."

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  • 08Nov

    Stronghold 3 Community Competition

    SouthPeak Games and Firefly Studios Launching Into Action With Unique Stronghold 3 Community Competition Fans Asked to Choose Beastly Catapult Ammo in the Upcoming Castle Building Sim SouthPeak Games and Firefly Studios have today launched a totally unique community competition for upcoming castle building strategy sim Stronghold 3. Fans of the title on Facebook have the opportunity to have their input in development by choosing which dead animal will become the new rather grisly ammunition for trebuchets in the game… yes, you read that correctly. “Medieval sieges were often just long periods of people doing nothing,” explains Simon Bradbury, Stronghold3’s designer. “The besiegers would sometimes catapult all manner of things over the walls, in the hope of causing disease and panic or possibly just to relieve the boredom! Traditionally we’ve had a deceased cow as alternative trebuchet ammo but in Stronghold 3 we’re taking massive development leaps by offering several

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  • 11Oct

    Free DLC Announced for Lionheart: Kings’ Crusade

    Neocore Games and Paradox Interactive have announced a free DLC pack for all gamers that purchased Lionheart Kings’ Crusade during the first week through the 17th of October. The New Allies DLC is available now on digital distribution platforms. Lionheart: Kings’ Crusade is a RTS set during the Third Crusade, spanning the years 1189-1192. You play with historically accurate heroes and units and can choose to add mythical characters and units to enhance your Lionheart Kings´ Crusade experience. Here’s the list of New Allies added to the game: Units Gascon Knights Ayyubid Bowmen Ayyubid Infantry Ayyubid Swordsmen Archer Elite Hungarian Light Cavalry Heroes Taqi al-Din Umar (Saracen hero) Arthur of Brittany (Crusader hero) Mythical Creatures & Units The Ghost of Godfrey of Toulouse (non-historical Crusader hero) Saracens from Outer Space (non-historical Saracen unit) Joan d’Arc (non-historical Crusader hero) Lancelot (non-historical Crusader hero) You can read the full description for the

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  • 16Aug

    Review – StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty

    Highly anticipated, hyped up, and years in the making. The first of three editions of StarCraft II was released, but does it live up to the hype and hopes of fans?

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  • 13Aug

    Stronghold 3 Headed to a PC Near You in 2011

    SouthPeak has announced their plans to publish Stronghold® 3, created by the UK developer FireFly Studios. It’s said the game will be released globally for Windows in the first quarter of next year. If you’re unfamiliar with the Franchise, Stronghold is a Castle Sim/RTS. The first game was released in 2001 by Take 2 Interactive. Personally, I lost many hours of my college life to the original Stronghold and am pretty excited to see the franchise continued in it’s 7th installation (if you count the yet-to-be-released Stronghold Kingdoms MMO). “Stronghold 3 is an extremely impressive addition to our continually growing portfolio. We believe that Stronghold 3 will be an important growth driver for SouthPeak and that the Stronghold brand will benefit from our proven distribution, sales and marketing expertise. FireFly Studios are creating a true masterpiece, pushing the boundaries of what can be expected in this type of game. Millions

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  • 26Apr

    Guest Article: The Top Ten Strategy Games For People That Hate Strategy Games

    It’s a good time for strategy game sequels. Starcraft 2, Napoleon: Total War, Command and Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight, Supreme Commander 2 and Civilization 5 are all on the radar, and they’re kind of a big deal. Unfortunately RTS (real-time strategy) and TBS (turn-based strategy) games have had a hard time from people that assume strategy games equal building a massive army and throwing your huge mass against the nearest group of things with a different coloured shirt on to yourself. I’m here to hopefully prove you wrong! Whether you’re the type of person who doesn’t think clicking strategically sounds like their idea of a thrilling time but wants to give them a chance, or whether, like me, you’re a big RTS fan that didn’t get an invite to the Starcraft 2 beta who doesn’t want to idly wallow in self-pity, there’s a must-play classic strategy game out there for

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  • 19Jun

    E3 2009: A Look at Supreme Commander 2

    A look a the new real time strategy game, Supreme Commander 2 coming from Gas Powered Games and Square Enix.

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