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  • 13Jul

    SDCC 2012 Preview: South Park: Stick of Truth

    South Park: Stick of Truth is everything you would expect from show creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker–a lot of humor, a lot of cleverness, and a lot of offensiveness. I walked out of this preview feeling both horrified and amazed. I’m fairly certain that is what the creators have always gone for. Stick of Truth is about the largest LARPing session you have ever seen. The player takes on the role of the new kid in town and is forced to go make new friends while his/her parents go “wrestle” in the new house. If the new kid tries to go into the house, the father appears in the upstairs window, obviously naked, and yells, “I TOLD YOU TO GO MAKE FRIENDS!” Yep, you’re definitely in South Park. As the new kid wanders down the streets, he’s instantly pulled into this giant LARPing session with all the kids of

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  • 22Jul

    Get a sneak peek at deleted scenes from the ‘Star Wars’ Blu-ray release

    Everyone at the Star Wars Fan Movie Awards just took a look at the deleted scenes on the upcoming Star Wars Blu-ray release, and so can you. Watch them below! How cool that there are still deleted scenes to be revealed after all this time! Follow

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  • 20Jul

    IDW announces SDCC events

    It’s getting close to when we head out for the greatest con of the year…San Diego Comic Con! This year is going to be busy and packed! IDW sent us a list of what they are going to have to feature at the con. At the IDW booth #2643, Michael Chiklis (Pantheon), Berkeley Breathed (Bloom County), Joe R. Lansdale, Peter S. Beagle (The Last Unicorn), Scott Morse, Steve Niles, and the creative teams for True Blood, Star Trek, TRANSFORMERS, G.I. JOE will all be signing. Exclusive items will be available such as the wrap around cover for True Blood #1, Doctor Who #13 photo cover, and The Rocketeer Artist edition. The full list of items from IDW is here. On Friday, IDW editors will be talking about Transformers, G.I. Joe and Dungeons & Dragons. On Saturday, IDW will be talking about the next year for the company. On Sunday they

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  • 17Jul

    Fallout: New Vegas Gets a Graphic Novel at Comic Con

    We previewed Fallout: New Vegas the game at E3, and now San Diego Comic Con visitors can experience the graphic novel. “All Roads” features the art by Geof Darrow with colors by Peter Doherty. Chris Avellone is the writer of the graphic novel and the game’s creative director. Both Geof Darrow and Chris Avellone will be signing lithographs of the full cover art at the Dark Horse booth (Booth #2615) at SDCC on Saturday, July 24 from 5-6pm. Follow

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  • 19Mar

    Why does SDCC stay with Travel Planners?

    Many of the readers at GamingAngels know that when it comes to con season, the one con that means the most to me is San Diego Comic Con. I have been to SDCC for the past 10 years. This year is going to be lucky number 11. Unfortunately, or fortunately, SDCC has grown very quickly and to the point that it can barely hold everyone who wants to go. With both hotels and passes selling out months before the convention. The good things about SDCC growing is that it means that more people will want to market or make announcements at SDCC, because of the enormous press coverage and access to the “geek market”. I also love that it means more people are coming for various reasons, but will likely be exposed to something that they may have never seen before. It’s great if SDCC can create more fans of

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  • 20Nov

    Sam Worthington to produce and star in The Last Days of American Crime

    Radical Comics has announced that Sam Worthington (star of James Cameron’s Avatar) has signed on to do a film adaptation of The Last Days of American Crime. Sam Worthington will star and produce the film. “I had met Sam’s producing partner, Michael Schwarz, at the recent San Diego Comic-Con, who loved the concept for The Last Days of American Crime” said Radical Publishing’s President and Publisher, Barry Levine. “I figured that since Sam had done three tentpole movies back-to-back with Terminator Salvation, Avatar and Clash of the Titans, that he would want the more character driven role of Kevin Cash, the sociopathic partner to Graham Bricke. Michael had set up a meeting between Sam, CAA agents Kimberly Hodgert and Jon Levin along with myself to discuss Last Days. During the two hour meeting, we hit it off and Sam had committed to both star and produce.” The Last Days of

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  • 15Nov

    Angels on the Go Holiday Guide

    A-Kon (Dallas, TX) A fan-run anime convention that takes place in the Dallas/Ft Worth area. Anime Expo (Los Angeles, CA) The largest anime/manga event in the US, Anime Expo runs annually in Los Angeles, bringing artist, voice talent and musical performances together for a wonderful weekend of fun. Anime North (Toronto, ON) One of Canada’s largest anime conventions, Anime North takes place at the end of May. They also raise funds for the Hospital for Sick Children Foundation. DragonCon (Atlanta, GA) DragonCon is one of the largest scifi/fantasy and pop culture convention in the US. It spans four hotels and three days of cosplay, panels, and offers a variety of guests. One of the guests for 2010 is popular author Laurell K Hamilton. GenCon (Indianapolis) GenCon is one of the largest gaming events in the world. Everything from computer and console games to table top and roleplaying games are featured

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  • 02Nov

    San Diego Comic Con 2010 already selling out

    I don’t know really what to think about this. San Diego Comic Con is already close to selling out it’s four day passes. Last month, SDCC sold out of the four day passes with preview night and now have 25% left of regular four day passes. This year is my eleventh year attending San Diego Comic Con and to say it has grown is an understatement. The crowds get bigger and bigger and it appears that SDCC has had to learn to cap it’s audience. Probably due to safety violations. It’s almost shocking to think of four day passes selling out eight months in advance of the convention. Hotels are typically listed in February or March. People could be buying a ticket to attend and have no idea if they will actually obtain a hotel room when that time comes. If you want to make sure you get a pass

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  • 01Nov

    First Look: Left 4 Dead 2

    Earlier in the year, after getting to play sneak peeks of Left 4 Dead 2 at PAX and the San Diego Comic Con, my snarky reaction to it was “it’s the same game as Left 4 Dead, hurr durr, look how nonchalant I am about it”. Well you know what? It’s not the same game, and curse my constant sardonic attitude! First of all, this game looks fraking sweet. Take the first installment, and add a mess of detail to EVERYTHING, like guns and characters. The demo took place mostly in the daylight, where you can obviously see clearer, which translates directly into way more blood. For gore hounds (like myself), this is a much appreciated addition. For those who don’t like drowning in blood but just like killing people without the mess, Valve has added a gore setting in the options screen. Cool. They also made the characters pretty

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  • 18Aug

    Marvel joins PSN for digital reader service

    Interesting move as Sony has announced today at GamesCom that the “biggest names in the comics world” will be downloadable through the PS3 and PSP in December. Marvel is the first publisher to be announced that is supporting the effort but there will be other publishers announced “soon”. Details of which comics will be available or pricing are still unannounced. The service will be available in North America and Europe. At San Diego Comic Con, I asked some Marvel artists and writers if they thought Digital Comics was the future. I then specifically asked if we could see comics on the PSP, he looked a little stunned and then said he didn’t know. I wonder now if he did… UPDATE: Here are more details straight from Sony: The Digital library will include other partners such as IDW Publishing, iVerse media and others. There will also be graphic novels as well.

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