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  • 05Aug

    12 Seconds in Heaven 08/05/2010: Favorite Board Game

    Welcome to our weekly feature on @GamingAngels! “12 Seconds in Heaven” wherein several GA staffers will answer a question about anything going on at that moment in geek culture. For those of you that might not already be aware, this weekend is GenCon in Indianapolis.  GenCon is one of the biggest conventions for fans of board, card and role-playing games (although video games do certainly make an appearance.  With GenCon right around the corner, we thought we’d ask out staff something GenCon appropriate. “What is your favorite board game?” From @Cherithe: Talking about my favorite board game on (Please excuse any choppiness in my video – I’m running on hotel wi-fi up here in GenCon land.) 😀 From @Netzach: fave board game on From @Trina: What is my favorite board game? on What’s your favorite board game? Leave your thoughts in the comments (bonus points if you

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  • 01Aug

    The ‘Play in Public’ Challenge for Board Game Fans

    Over at Seize Your Turn, there’s a challenge for the month of August (and really for all the time) to take your stash of board games out into the light day, somewhere other than your house, or your friend”s and family’s houses and let people watch you play.  Invite them to play with you, and help teach them some of the basics about your favorite board games.  I think it’s a great idea, and as soon as I get back from GenCon (where I’ll be spending an entire weekend playing in the very public Indianapolis Convention Center) I’m definitely going to lug some of my games out of the house and give this a shot.  You never know you might meet, or who you might convince to give board games a try.    And if you do decide to take your games out into the light of day, let us

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