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  • 08Jul

    Snap App Sunday: Instagram

    ​Welcome to the first installation of Snap App Sunday, where I will give you all the information you need to know about photography based applications. Personally, I’m Team Droid, so controls and functions may be specific to my oft used smartphone, but I’ll make sure I predominantly write about apps on both Apple and Droid operating systems. If you have a Blackberry, I’m sorry that you have a Blackberry. Today we’re going to start with the most popular photography app out; Instagram.​ I’m sure you’ve heard that two seconds after their Droid app was released, Instagram was acquired by Facebook for one. billion. dollars. Since then the app has gone through a few updates, most notably a recent redesign, to improve functionality and finally make room for the kabillions of infiltrating Droid users. When Instagram launched on Droid, I immediately downloaded it to see what the fuss was about (I was using the now defunct

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  • 12Apr

    Two thirds of all tablet minutes occur while watching TV

    Every time I watch HBO GO or Showtime, they talk about how you can interact with other fans on your tablet during the show. I always wonder, why would I do that? I want to actually watch the show. Turns out they know their audience. According to a study from MultiMedia Mentor and GfK Analysis, among adults 35-49 almost two thirds of their tablet time occur in front of a tv. For adults age 18-34 the percentage is 39%. “Tablets are the new ‘second screen,’ thanks to their size and inherent connectivity,” said Robert DeFelice, Vice President (Media) at GfK Knowledge Networks. “Our research suggests the potential value of ad campaigns and other applications that take advantage of the roles smartphones and tablets play as ‘co-located’ technologies; these might include researching advertised products, texting friends about plot twists, visiting TV program websites, and dozens of similar uses.” When comparing the

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  • 06Jan

    Amazon Appstore

    There is a new place where App developers show off their wears to the smartphone population, and that place is Amazon. Amazon Appstore has open their door officially todevelopers of Applications for smartphones, specifically, application for Android developers. As of today, Android Application developers can get their high quality applications noticed to the Android public through the Amazon Appstore which will be launching in the near future.  Amazon is offering application developers a chance to join in on the movement now, before the launch of the official store. As stated from their developers blog, At Amazon, we start with the customer and work backwards, and we’re always looking for ways to improve the customer experience.  The sheer number of apps available today makes it hard for customers to find high-quality, relevant products – and developers similarly struggle to get their apps noticed.  Amazon’s innovative marketing and merchandising features are designed

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  • 06Nov

    Energizer Has Qi

    Do you own a Smartphone?  This is a question that when asked these days is almost always answered, “Yes!”.  Well, Energizer is launching an inductive charger the with a removable Qi sleeve for the iPhone 3GS/3G and a Qi door for the BlackBerry Curve 8900 (sold separately).  What this means is, complete chord-free charging.  Can you say, Convenient? This advanced technology features Qi (chee), the new universal standard for inductive charging, so it will power up devices like smartphones, MP3 players, cameras – any device 5W or less – on a single charging station, now and in the future regardless of manufacturer.  Consumers can purchase it now knowing it will work with Qi devices for years to come without the need to update old technology.  It is designed to work with Qi-enabled devices, whether Qi is built into the device or the device has a Qi accessory.  Qi was developed by the Wireless Power

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  • 02Apr

    Gadgets We Can’t Leave the House Without

    We live in a tech society. There is no denying this fact. There isn’t a day go by when I haven’t left the house without a gadget.  After thinking about how often I left the house with a gadget or two, I figured I’d ask the ladies of Gaming Angel’s .com  what gadget that they can NOT leave the house without. iPhone, Smartphone or Cell Phone: This gadget was the main gadget that was popping up in our discussion. We can not leave our house without our cell phone.  Mainly the smartphone. Many of use have an iPhone with many of the app. We use these apps lot in order to take notes, interviews, or ideas for articles. Trina, Cherith, and Tiffany swear by them. Besides, I guess you can call us on them too.  Renochan and myself, do not have smartphones, but we still swear by our phones. We can’t leave

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  • 29Mar

    Pricey iPad Apps

    We have become an app nation. There are app for all varieties of smartphones, but once we hear the word app we think “Apple”. Of coursewith the new launch of the new iPad next month, the new apps are just flooding in. Yet, after shelling out so much dough for the 3g version, the data package, you should have enough for a few apps right? Well, maybe not. Some of the apps for the new iPad have the potential to be a bit pricey.  For example the Wall Street Journal will charge $17.99 a month for access to their iPad version. 17 dollars? It’s that a little obscene? Since other online versions cost a little less. Are you willing to pay monthly charges for an app? Or is there no limit to your app love? Source: Shiny Shiny Follow

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  • 24Feb

    ScanLife’s App for UPC bar code scanning

    I remember years ago when I found this perfect nail polish in a store. Of course, no price tag on either the bottle or the shelf. I stood there looking for one of those bar code scanners. After enough annoyance, I gave up. Of course I bought the polish. Now imagine if I had an app on my phone that would have told me that the wonderful polish was only five dollars.  Well that is now possible with ScanLife’s App. A new version of ScanLife’s App for bar code scanning was released this week for the Iphone, Android and Blackberry. The app functions by using the mobile phone’s camera to scan the UPC and then the app reads the bar code in order to retrieve product information for all product.  The new app is able to scan both 2D and 1D bar code into the app and identify the product. Consumers can download ScanLife free

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  • 16Feb

    Gamers on the Go: New Windows 7 Phone Series to include Xbox Live features.

    Gamers are always on the go. We are on our way to work, school, or even picking up food for supper. So, we would want an phone application that has the ability to go with us, where that maybe. Yesterday, Microsoft did just that. They unveiled the  Xbox Live Hub which will be available on the New Windows 7 Phone Series. The hub’s features include: Collect Achievements and build your Gamerscore View Xbox LIVE leaderboards See your Xbox LIVE Avatar Access Spotlight feeds, including the latest tips and tricks, game news, updates and more Add Xbox LIVE friends to your friends list while out on the go Turn-based (asynchronous) multiplayer gaming During the press conference Ron Pessner, general manager of Xbox LIVE Mobile stated  “It has always been our vision to expand the Xbox LIVE service to connect people to their games, entertainment and friends wherever they go, and the launch of

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  • 29Jan

    Review: Foursquare

    I’m not talking about your old school foursquare, with chalk, a ball and too much aggression. I’m about about the moblie app, and web site designed for people on the move and who wish to explore. For the longest time Foursquare was limited to a list of cities. If your city wasn’t on the list, then it was pretty much pointless to have the app.  Since then it’s been upgraded to the “Elsewhere” mode, where you can check-in no matter where you are.  People from all over, including my isolated self, can check in, give updates, become mayor and provide suggestions of things to do.   Yet the question is, why should I even bother?  What,  I really enjoy about this concept is that it is away to explore new cities while traveling, as well as the place you have lived all your life.  I found a wonderful coffee shop in the middle of

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  • 12Jan

    Starting the Year Right: Apple’s App Store Reaches 3 Billion Downloads

    Apple’s iPhone did a lot more than change the face of mobile phone gaming. It’s changed the way a lot of people look at smartphones forever. In fact, with over 50 million users and over 85,000 apps available, there’s an app for just about everything the hardware can do, and peripherals to make it do the things it can’t right out of the box. With over 125,000 developers using the platform (some of whom can actually say they’ve started coding for iPhone full-time), and more added every day, the iPhone train is headed downhill at full speed with no brakes. In the first few days of 2010, Apple announced that the App Store reached over 3 billion downloads. To put that in perspective, in the past eighteen months, an average of 64 apps were downloaded every second. With an all-but-confirmed tablet on the way and more iPods and iPhones flying

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