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  • 26Mar

    Second Humble Bundle for Android adds ‘Snuggle Truck’

    With one week left to go in the sale, Humble Android Bundle #2 has added Snuggle Truck to the bundle as a bonus for Mac, Windows, Linux and Android systems. In the game, you must cross treacherous terrain to get a truckful of stuffed animals to the zoo. In addition, Android users will also be able to download Smuggle Truck, the immigration satire game that was just a biiiiiit too much for some app marketplaces (read: Apple’s App Store). The second Humble Bundle for Android now has six games, all new to the platform: Snuggle Truck, Canabalt, Swords & Soldiers, Zen Bound 2, Cogs and Avadon. Head to the Humble Bundle site to pick up the bundle, name your price and designate your charity donation. Follow

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  • 25Feb

    Mobile gamers more likely to be young and female, audience beats television ratings

    iPhones and Android devices are making gaming more of a female-dominated activity, according to findings published by mobile analytics firm Flurry. These studies showed that mobile gamers are more likely to be younger, female and more affluent and educated than the average American. The average age of mobile gamers is 28, compared to console gamers’ 34 years, and 53 percent of mobile gamers just happen to be women. (For the consoles, women still come in at 40 percent.) The Flurry study also stated that “[t]here is also greater density in the 18-49 bracket, which indicates that [Apple] iOS and Android devices are attracting users during their earning years versus, in particular, their teenage years, where they likely cannot afford more expensive mobile devices.” Females who play mobile games overall skewed older, with more women in the 26-65 age bracket compared to the men. North America played the most mobile social

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  • 15Sep

    Online Poker for Android Devices Coming Soon, we hope

    Smartphones powered by Android are growing rapidly in popularity, but just like the iPhone they have some serious limitations if you’re looking to play online poker for real money. Poker sites would obviously love for everyone to be playing online Texas Hold Em as much as possible, but there are still many obstacles in the way of playing online poker for cash on your Android phone. The single biggest roadblock with playing poker on Android devices is its relative newness, as online sites simply haven’t yet rolled out safe, secure apps that they’re comfortable offering to their players for Texas Holdem Games real money play. Google is much more open than Apple when it comes to the approval process for Android apps, so most believe that the reason there are currently no apps to play online poker on Android devices is due to development issues instead of the apps not

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  • 15Apr

    CubeHead Celebrates Apple Launch

    The Match 3 puzzle game, CubeHead, has just been featured on the Apple Apps Store “New and Noteworthy” section. Developer Claudio Pinto says, “We are thrilled and excited to learn that our second game for the Apple iPhone™ is also being featured on the App Store, as was our first game WackyLands Green last year. With the help of Indie Developer Consulting we have experienced a very successful launch since the game was released”. CubeHead promises a humorous and colorful Match 3 puzzle game in which players battle King CubeHead and protect their country. Follow

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  • 16Mar

    Connect the Dots Extreme Now Available

    This classic children’s games has been updated for the iPhone/ iPod Touch. The classic Connect the Dots has players drawing lines from dot to dot to form a picture. In this updated version, players compete to gain points by connecting dots and forming images. The more accurate the line, the more points you earn and the quicker you connect, the more points you earn. Connect The Dots Extreme includes many drawings to complete, crisp and colorful graphics and the ability to choose pen color. The “Extreme” option can be disabled allowing for younger players. Connect the Dots Extreme is now available from the Apps Store for $.99. Follow

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  • 08Mar

    Now Available: the Graveyard for the iPhone/ iPod Touch

    Indie developer, Tale of Tales has announced The Graveyard is now available for the iPhone/ iPod Touch. In the Graveyard, you play an elderly woman who visits a cemetery. After walking do a bench in front of the church, you sit while music plays. Once the music concludes, you walk back to the cemetery gate. In the full version of the game, there is a chance that you die while sitting on the bench. In the Lite version, players don’t die. “The Graveyard offers a player the opportunity to imagine themselves in a certain situation,” explain creators Auriea Harvey and Michael Samyn. “It’s not a game in the sense that there is a way to win or lose or a puzzle to solve, or even a story to uncover. But the interaction does immerse you in a virtual world filled with narrative, an equally powerful feature of the medium of

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  • 20Feb

    Extreme Rise of the Triad for iPhone/iPod Touch

    Apogee Software and Mobila Entertainment have teamed up to offer Extreme Rise of the Triad for the iPhone/iPod Touch. This update to Rise of the Triad will be offered free of charge and brings over 40 additional maps to the game. “Apogee has always been a company of firsts in the gaming industry” said Terry Nagy, Chief Creative Officer of Apogee. “Other companies would create a gold or platinum package and charge you for the additional content”. “The overwhelming response to the Rise of the Triad announcement has had fans wanting more right out of the gate” said Yevgeniy Goyfman, President of Mobila Interactive. “Offering Extreme Rise of the Triad as a free upgrade gives them what they want without having to pay more for it”. Extreme Rise of the Triad is coming soon to the App Store. Follow

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  • 17Feb

    Zombie Wonderland Coming to iPhone/iPod Touch

    Chillingo and Xoobis have teamed up to bring Zombie Wonderland to the iPhone/ iPod Touch. Zombie Wonderland games promises to bring a humorous 3d approach to tower defense games and Chillingo is predicting to be able to submit the game to the Apps Store by the end of the month. Zombie Wonderland combines a shooter style game with a 3d tower defense experience. The main character, Chuck is a zombie cleaner and is called to deal with zombie attacks all over the town of Niceville. Follow Chuck’s adventure from Aunt Lilly’s House to Olaf’s Funeral Home as he kills four types of villians. Follow

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  • 14Feb

    New Content Angry Birds for iPod Touch/ iPhone

    Chillingo has announced 100 levels of fun for the award winning Angry Birds for the iPhone/ iPod Touch. New content also includes two new settings and over 40 challenging levels as well as Crystal social gaming features with competitive elements including achievements and leaderboards. Chillingo is also lowering the price of the game to $.99. Follow

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  • 06Jan

    Urban War Available for iPhone/ iPod Touch

    Sigster has released a cross-network social MMO for iPhone and iPod Touch. Available to play on Facebook and My Space, this MMO is now available free of charge on the mobile platform. The game also allows players to purchase microtransactions and allows players to use a single account across all networks. Urban War is now avilable from the Apps Store. Follow

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