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  • 10Feb

    Couples and Passwords

    The New York Times recently did an article about breaking up in a digital age. The article discusses the topic of passwords and sharing, and it made me wonder: How many people that are in relationships share passwords? Are they just sharing laptop log-ons? E-mail, Facebook and Twitter accounts? Banking? Is it okay not to share without feeling pressured to? Am I uncomfortable with it because I am a little old-fashioned? With all these burning questions, I had to think about this and then I spoke to my significant other: J. (All significant others’ names have been replaced with an initial for privacy’s sake.)  To this date, we have been together for five years, and we know each others log-on passwords for our PCs. We originally shared these so that when we were at each other’s house, we would be able to log on and check our own social networking and e-mail items.

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  • 09Feb

    Have you heard the Buzz? Google Buzz that is!

    Oh Google.  Are we feeling left out of the social networking buzz? Wish you could be a little bit more like Twitter and Facebook? Well, your day has come! If you haven’t heard yet, Google Inc. has developed a new feature which will let users of Gmail, view status updates and media from their online counterparts.  Labeled as “Google Buzz”, a tab will appear in the Gmail application where users can add media, links, photo, status updates, and of course, the @ messages for others to view. One of the pros of the Buzz is the fact that you don’t have to go through the whole adding process which was a time consuming on Twitter and Facebook. Instead, if you are linked to others via Gmail,  then BAM! you are already friends.  Of course, the true question is if Google Buzz can hold its own with such social giants as Twitter and

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  • 30Jan

    Day 2 & 3: Heavy Rain “Four Days Challenge” Investigation

    Previous: Day 1 Heavy Rain “Four Days Challenge” Investigation 10:28 PM 01.28.10 Day 3 Hello, you. Yeah, yeah… I know this is …Well, let’s properly label this “Day 3,” but yesterday only left me in a pile of my own drool. I remember lifting my head upright at the sound of some five different Twitter applications. “@PerfectFolds” seemed as restless as I’ve been feeling because he’d been pouring his innermost thoughts all day. I couldn’t sleep last night, either. I suppose this means “@PerfectFolds” and I are becoming close companions on our descent into madness…I mean, sleep deprivation. The guy can’t even spell properly anymore, as you’ve probably noticed. “someombody ened sto do something!,” he says. I’m trying. I’m trying really hard to do something but I’m only lead further into anxiety and confusion. I’ve never envied detectives. I didn’t sign-up for this. Who am I kidding? We’ve all willingly

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  • 16Dec

    Zynga raises $180 million in investments

    I’m sure many of you either play or know of FarmVille, Mafia Wars or any of the other big games that developer Zynga has launched on Facebook. Well on the heels of speculation that FarmVille is more popular than Twitter, it has been revealed that the Russian investors Digital Sky Technologies, who gave Facebook $200 million, will be investing a huge chunk of money into developer Zynga. The total investments from various sources for Zynga will be $180 million. This is honestly pretty amazing, and a good thing for Zynga and other companies looking to social media to build game applications. At the same time I’m left wondering more about the details as not much is mentioned in the New York Times article about the deal. It’s interesting to see how a small app on a social networking site can blow up and become such a huge entity that they

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  • 30Jul

    Legacy Interactive Debuts “Share and Compare” App for Facebook at Casual Connect

    Casual games developer and publisher Legacy Interactive announced Game Share & Compare, a new game discovery application on Facebook. Game Share & Compare is an online database with robust social networking features that allows users to find, review, and share their favorite PC/Mac downloadable, online, console, and iPhone videogames. Using Facebook, you can browse the more than 1000 games that are already in the database, or add your favorites to the list! Post your status, send links to your friends, review games, or find a new one to play! Game information posted by users on Game Share & Compare is automatically displayed on the Legacy Games web portal, and vice versa. Users can link their accounts on Legacy Games and Facebook, then use their Facebook identity to sign into Legacy Games. The Legacy web portal has been updated to include games on all platforms, and has among the most robust

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  • 06Feb

    Social Networking is creating anxiety and depression

    In a study done by Stony Brook University, of 83 13 year old girls, found that rehashing your problems over and over again via technology such as Instant messengers, blogging services, or other social networking devices such as Facebook, or Twitter is actually causing more harm then good. The researchers found that when the girls told their problems over and over again, it actually did not help them feel better. It did the opposite and create anxiety and depression within the girls. This is quiet interesting since, cyber bullying is now the form du jour when it comes to girl bullying. With more and more girls participating in these forms of social networking, the opportunity for this bullying can occur. So, for all you young angels out there, tell your problems to a single, persons that you can trust. The world wide web, is not the best place. Source Article:

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  • 11Sep launched, a child and technology resource guide for parents, launched this week. Digital Life co-founder, Monica Vila, has started a new website called [url=][/url], as an online resource for parents who are looking for answers and advice with regards to children and technology. Presented in a well organized format, [url=]TheOnlineMom[/url] offers articles, facts, and advice for parents in dealing with technology that their kids have access to. The site is divided up into different age groups: Kids aged 3-8, Kids aged 9-12, and Teens. Each section helps to advise parents on what websites may be suitable for their younger children, the big deal behind YouTube, and social networking sites like myspace and facebook. This is a great idea. Where most people have been focusing on all of the dangers of the internet, this site offers a change of pace that doesn’t focus on the fear factor, but more of an

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