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  • 28Oct

    Facebook Calls BINGO!

    Arkadium and have launched a new online Bingo game that puts players more in the driver’s seat and changes the pace of this “church basement classic.” Bingo Charms features all the fun of Bingo with the help of Charms, that can bring additional points, currency, and luck to your game. This adds a little bit of strategy to an otherwise destiny-dependent game, making it more intriguing and appealing. To top it off, each day eligible players can win instantly up to $500 or in-game currency thanks to Publishers Clearing House. “We are moving aggressively in response to our customer feedback to provide more winning opportunities online and through social media,” said Josh Glantz, vice president and general manager of PCH Online. “Bingo Charms is a fun way for us to engage Facebook fans and introduce them to our sweepstakes and” Bingo Charms works much like any other Facebook

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  • 01Jun

    Is English failing because of Social Networking?

    I believe that the only way to begin this article is by stating that, I majored in English at University, and have been an English teacher for the last two years. It wasn’t too long ago that I had a friend who taught English at the university level ask me, “What are you doing to the kids? They can’t write.”  Of course, I smiled, crooked my head to one side and said. “To be honest with you, I don’t know.” I have been attempting in these last two years, to help develop my student’s writing abilities and trust me, it is not an easy task.  “ur” is You’re or Your, “@” is at, and BTW is often the way sentences are started. Capitalization is no longer used, and when it does get used, it’s sparingly.  Sentence fragments are all too common and there is rarely any use of punctuation, except to

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  • 06Feb

    Day 5-8: Heavy Rain “Four Days Challenge” Investigation

    Note: Hey, everyone! Amanda here. Upon completion of this week’s challenges, players were rewarded with a little somethin’, somethin’ special. Check back on within the next few days to find out what it is! Previous: Day 1 “Four Days Challenge” Investigation Previous: Day 2 & 3 “Four Days Challenge” Investigation Previous: Day 4 “Four Days Challenge” Investigation 6:40 PM 02.05.10 Day 5-8 The past few days haven’t been as foggy as last week, when I was only beginning to comprehend what the hell is going on. Why is this happening to me? I still continue to ask this question …without answers. “@PerfectFolds” is doing a splendid job of setting up a witch hunt, wouldn’t you say? I feel like I’ve wasted so much time thinking harder than I should; this is probably my biggest downfall. Thinking too much is a disease, honestly. All these wasted days trying to understand

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  • 30Jan

    Day 2 & 3: Heavy Rain “Four Days Challenge” Investigation

    Previous: Day 1 Heavy Rain “Four Days Challenge” Investigation 10:28 PM 01.28.10 Day 3 Hello, you. Yeah, yeah… I know this is …Well, let’s properly label this “Day 3,” but yesterday only left me in a pile of my own drool. I remember lifting my head upright at the sound of some five different Twitter applications. “@PerfectFolds” seemed as restless as I’ve been feeling because he’d been pouring his innermost thoughts all day. I couldn’t sleep last night, either. I suppose this means “@PerfectFolds” and I are becoming close companions on our descent into madness…I mean, sleep deprivation. The guy can’t even spell properly anymore, as you’ve probably noticed. “someombody ened sto do something!,” he says. I’m trying. I’m trying really hard to do something but I’m only lead further into anxiety and confusion. I’ve never envied detectives. I didn’t sign-up for this. Who am I kidding? We’ve all willingly

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  • 16Dec

    Zynga raises $180 million in investments

    I’m sure many of you either play or know of FarmVille, Mafia Wars or any of the other big games that developer Zynga has launched on Facebook. Well on the heels of speculation that FarmVille is more popular than Twitter, it has been revealed that the Russian investors Digital Sky Technologies, who gave Facebook $200 million, will be investing a huge chunk of money into developer Zynga. The total investments from various sources for Zynga will be $180 million. This is honestly pretty amazing, and a good thing for Zynga and other companies looking to social media to build game applications. At the same time I’m left wondering more about the details as not much is mentioned in the New York Times article about the deal. It’s interesting to see how a small app on a social networking site can blow up and become such a huge entity that they

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  • 01Oct

    Watch Brutal Legend Demothon here at noon!

    Today at 12pm PST, there is a live broadcast from Double Fine Productions where they will be answering your questions from Facebook and Twitter. They’ll also be giving away “Brutal” prizes and going over spoilers. Watch the entire event here and hope that Ormagoden is happy so we all don’t get Sine Flu. Follow

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  • 26Aug

    Another chance to win an Eddie Riggs statue

    Want another chance to win an Eddie Riggs statue? Here is another chance to win one of five limited edition Eddie Riggs status. To enter, become a fan of the official Brutal Legend Facebook page at Once there, post your Brutal Legend fan art onto the official Brutal Legend Facebook wall with “Fan Art Contest” in the title. Only five people can win and sorry all our International angels, this contest is only open to the US. Get creative and good luck! Follow

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  • 26Aug

    Omerta celebrates re-launch

    Omerta is celebrating the re-launch of it’s online mafia game, Omerta by giving away a special in-game bonus via Twitter. “We are proud to have re-launched Omerta with such a bang. The game forums have been a hive of activity. New family rivalries have been played out with over 5,000 deaths, largely as a results of the new weapons like grenades and C4 explosives adding extra impact to an attack. The introduction of new bodyguards has changed the gameplay totally. Wars are fought totally different, as no one can pre-empt the amount of bullets it will take to perform a kill” contributed Otto Adang, Lead Designer on the new version of Omerta. To celebrate the re-launch Omerta will be giving away lots of riches through Twitter. The riches range from a bonus of $500,000, 10,000 bullets, and a Mercedez Benz W25 Avus Streamliner. “We used Twitter successfully during the build

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  • 30Jul


    Ever which you could create a coversation on a web site which you couldn’t?  Well now you can with Blerp! “The idea behind Blerp is to take every comment board and forum online and unify them into a single platform,” says Hoffman, “where users are in control and have the tools to post not only text, but anything that has been widgetized, including games, animations and applications.” What this add on to your web browser does is create a conversation about the website in general.  Which is the aim by the company. They want users to be engaged with the sites they are visiting. What is interesting is the fact that Blerp is not limited to just comment post. You will have the ability to intergrate forms of media into the website as well. What they have done is used advanced wigets which can have the ability to ass, maps,

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  • 14Jul

    Should Twitter be used by journalists as a source?

    More and more companies are starting to use Twitter to release information. Game companies use it to announce everything from new websites to new game releases. Journalists then pounce and use the 140 character tweet as a source in an article. We’ve been guilty of it too. But does that make it right? Should we be putting so much weight to something on twitter? Recently David Jaffe said something about an upcoming announcement in a recent tweet (only part of it).. “..but please buy our new game, to be announced soon! :)” That day gaming blogs ran with that and posted that Jaffe was going to be announcing a new game. We didn’t run it because there was no other information. No date, no title, no to be announced at blank con. *warning explicit text- it’s Jaffe what do you expect?* Even Jaffe thought it was insane that his tweet

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