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  • 03Jan

    Review: Disney Sing It! Pop Hits

    Rating: PG Players: 1 Genre: Karaoke Publisher: Disney Interactive Studios Release Date: October, 2009 (AUS) RENT In at least one point in our lives we all decide to give karaoke a go. Or watch and laugh at our friends while they give it a go. We have SingStar for Playstation and Lips for XBox. What about the Wii? Enter the “Disney Sing It!” franchise. They’ve made a couple of releases already, one in particular being based on the popular High School Musical series. Now we have the latest addition, “Disney Sing It! Pop Hits”, which has a mixture of currently popular music artists featured on it. You’ll find that Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana and the Jonas Brothers dominate most of the song choices, however you’ll also find the likes of Coldplay, Jesse McCartney and Taylor Swift (amongst others) that have been included in the list. Most of the songs (in my

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  • 08Nov

    Rob Pattinson talks New Moon at Press Conference

    The above image is from from the Press Junket that happened in LA recently to promote and talk about Twilight: New Moon. The cast was on hand to discuss the film and answer the Press’s serious questions like if Taylor Lautner is dating Taylor Swift. (rolls eyes) I unfortunately was not in attendance but I have collected a few videos from Youtube about the presser. Hopefully we’ll be invited to future Twilight events since we do a fair amount of coverage. Movie Trailers – Movies Blog Who is going to see New Moon with me after it comes out? Follow

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  • 04Aug

    Taylor Swift joins Band Hero

    Taylor Swift will be appearing in Band Hero singing her hits, “Love Story” and “You Belong with Me” from her latest album Fearless as well as “Picture to Burn” from her debut record. “Anything that encourages people to pick up an instrument and play, I’m fully behind. And, I’m really excited about Band Hero, because not only are fans getting to play my songs, but I’m actually in the game,” said Swift. “There are so many awesome things that go into being in Band Hero, like getting to customize my band to look like my touring band, and it’s so cool for people to feel like they are experiencing one of my concerts. This is one of the closest things out there to going to see me perform!” She will also be giving 20 fans the opportunity to see her in concert and four of those 20 will get to

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