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  • 07Dec

    It’s ‘Showtime’ for ‘The Sims 3’ next March

    Your Sims are about to become superstars. Well, they will in March, anyway. That’s when the Showtime expansion for The Sims 3 will debut for Windows and Mac. You’ll be able to tell your Sims’ rags-to-riches story with brand-new social features, too. “The Sims 3 Showtime is a huge step forward for The Sims franchise,” explains Scott Evans, General Manager of The Sims Studio. “For the first time, we are introducing social features that allow you to send your Sims to a friend’s game, perform at their venue in front of their Sims where you both will earn rewards, and capture and share these in-game moments of your rise to fame.” A pre-order of the expansion will net you a special “Limited Edition” of the game which features the “Ultimate Stage,” a fully-customizable performance venue with all the trimmings — props, backgrounds, lighting and special effects. Here’s a trailer for

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  • 05Aug

    Your Sims can visit Hidden Springs this fall

    It’s apparently not just all about expansions in the world of The Sims 3. That’s surprising enough, given that the series is usually really heavy on the huge expansion packs. This fall, you’ll be able to download a whole new world at The Sims Store using SimPoints — Hidden Springs. The area includes a hint of magic among the vacation locales, like a lake, spa and ski lodge. In addition to letting your Sims live the high life, a “deeper mystery” is available to uncover beneath the waters. I’m personally imagining some sort of Fountain of Youth scenario, but I suppose we’ll have to wait until this fall to find out.   Follow

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  • 11Jul

    E3 Preview: Sims 3 Pets

    At E3 this year we got to take a peek at a demo of Sims 3 Pets. We didn’t get a hands on so this preview is really all informational, but should help to see if you want to have pets enter your Sims’ world. Sims 3, as a product, has reached some milestones on it’s own. Over 3 billion in game sales and with more variety in how players play the game. Sims 3 allows players to be builders, achievers, experimenters, and storytellers. There have been amazing stories that players have told with Sims 3 and now they can include pets. The Pets are not just added characters to a game, they are Sims themselves. Players will have over 100 different breeds of dogs and cats to choose from. From there, players have the ability to customize their pet in all the ways they are used to customizing their

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  • 05Apr

    EA announces ‘Generations’ expansion for ‘The Sims 3’

    Ever wish you could do a little bit more with your Sims during their life transition stages? Maybe that your father of two would have a mid-life crisis and come back with a convertible? You’re not alone. The Sims 3: Generations will give each life stage just a little bit more meat — children and teens can take after-school classes, Sims who have extramarital affairs might have to face a little community backlash and there’s even more stuff to play with aside from all that. Throw your Sims an expensive wedding, or, better yet, a nice bachelorette party. Just do your best to avoid the drama. Ha, like that’s even possible. The Sims 3: Generations ships May 31. Follow

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  • 07Dec

    Your Sims can start enjoying the virtual outdoor life in February

    Actual February is probably going to be pretty cold. But in your Sims’ virtual life, the outdoors is going to be heating up – with hot tubs, fire pits and more. The Sims 3 Outdoor Living Stuff expansion pack adds everything your Sims need to be comfortable outside – well, as long as that doesn’t involve sleeping out there, anyway. Your Sims can enjoy two new styles of décor on their oh-so-classy verandas and outdoor patios. And hey, it doesn’t even have to be warm to enjoy it all. Follow

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  • 09Aug

    Review: The Sims 3 Ambitions

    So it’s no surprise to our regular readers that I’m a huge fan of The Sims franchise.  I’ve been playing it since the beginning and was so stoked last year for The Sims 3 to come out.  Since then, we’ve had two major expansions and one ‘stuff’ pack for the game.  Ambitions is the second major expansion for the game, that brings back the entrepenuerial spirit of The Sims 2: Open for Business. Rating: T for Teen (PEGI 12+) Genre: Life Simulator Number of Players: 1 Publisher: Electronic Arts Release Date: June 1, 2010 BUY/RENT By now, if you’ve tried The Sims 3, you’ve probably got a pretty good idea about whether the game is worth your time and money, or not.  For many people, especially hardcore fans of The Sims 2, the game fell into the “not” category.  Mostly because it might not live up to the same expanded

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  • 09Jun

    Get Your First Look at the Console Version of “The Sims 3”

    This “Confessions” trailer features a lot of people…well, confessing. What do they think requires such shameful admission? Their sins, grievances and guilty pleasures. The only catch is that none of these people have done this stuff in real life. (At least, I hope not.) It’s all in their Sims 3 game. Their Sims 3 game on their console, that is. The one you can buy on October 26, 2010. This video gives you the very first sneak peek of how the game will look on your PS3 or 360, because I doubt the Wii and DS versions look like that (sorry). What are your Sims 3 confessions? Follow

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  • 28May

    The Sims 3 Parodies “Sex and the City” at the Most Appropriate Time

    Who needs glammed-up movie premieres to get their “Sex” fix? Not me. Another well-timed movie parody from the crew behind EA’s The Sims 3 is out today, and this time it’s a little more “Sex”-y. The girls are back in the theatres, and their Sims, with their game versions resembling the quartet very well. The video is more of a parody of the ninth iteration in the series – assuming we ever get that far. What changes, what stays the same and what kinds of shenanigans do the ladies find themselves in this time? Watch to find out. Follow

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  • 23May

    Interview: EA Trax Band, “Pint Shot Riot”

    Thanks to EA Trax, we’ve been able to interview three of their bands, all of whom are responsible for some of the music you hear in your favorite Electronic Arts titles. This is the second of those interviews, with the band Pint Shot Riot. Read on to find out where their name comes from, how working with EA has increased their star power (but not necessarily in a Guitar Hero-like way, since that’s another company) and what kind of video game they’d make if they had the chance. We asked the questions, and band member Baby Dave was kind enough to answer them, even if a couple of them ended up not really applying…read the rest below. GamingAngels (GA): What was the thought behind the name Pint Shot Riot? Pint Shot Riot (PSR): It comes from this time our singer was texting his mate and he noticed that, with predictive

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  • 11May

    EA Announces Key Titles for Fiscal Year 2011

    Along with the usual incredibly well-spun fiscal year reports (in which a company says that everything is awesome whether it is or not just to make investors happy), we usually get projections of what’s to come in the future. Today, we’ve got Electronic Arts’ projections for Fiscal Year 2011. This’ll give you a better idea of when some of your favorite EA titles will be hitting store shelves. Of course, we can’t take this as complete fact, since things can change, but it’s a good guideline to get you started. In the first quarter, we’ve got: Skate 3 Green Day: Rock Band All Points Bulletin (PC) FIFA World Cup: South Africa Tiger Woods PGA Tour titles For the second quarter: Need for Speed World (PC only, a social networking game) NCAA Football 11 FIFA Online NHL 11 MySims SkyHeroes The third quarter: Medal of Honor Crysis 2 Need for Speed

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