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  • 07Mar

    FUNimation Acquires Baka and Test and Dance in the Vampire Bund

    FUNimation Entertainment has just acquired the licensing rights to “Baka and Test” and “Dance in the Vampire Bund.” On Friday, March 5th at 10:00 AM CST, they’ll be screening the first two episodes of Baka and Test along with the first four episodes of Dance in the Vampire Bund. Baka and Test is about an academy of students who can summon a miniature avatar version of themselves and battle. he students are grouped by skill level, and those in Class A are the brightest. Then there’s Akihisa Yoshii’s group – lowly Class F. They’re the worst on campus, and they’re about to take on the school’s best. Dance in the Vampire Bund, produced by Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood’s Masahiro Sonada is about Mina Tepes, Queen of the Vampires, and her protector Akira Kaburagi who wishes to fufill his destiny by protecting those who wish to dethrone her. Both series will

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  • 22Feb

    Support growing for an R18+ rating in Australia

    While you have no doubt seen or heard about the issue of the R18+ rating in Australia (if not, brush up here), there are many supporters both in an official and unofficial capacity. One of the “official” supporters is “Grow up Australia”. They teamed up with game store chain EB Games to gather as many survey submissions as they possibly could for the Attorneys-General to wade through. They did this by placing posters in 250+ EB Games stores nationwide to advertise you could fill out a survey there, and also by obtaining submissions via their own website. Aaron John Percival, one of the founders of Grow up Australia says, “support for the introduction of the R18+ rating has been overwhelming with ninety-nine percent of the submissions made through the website in favor of the change”.  Jake Edwards, the other founder of the group, adds that “with less than a week until the

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  • 29Jan

    Review: Foursquare

    I’m not talking about your old school foursquare, with chalk, a ball and too much aggression. I’m about about the moblie app, and web site designed for people on the move and who wish to explore. For the longest time Foursquare was limited to a list of cities. If your city wasn’t on the list, then it was pretty much pointless to have the app.  Since then it’s been upgraded to the “Elsewhere” mode, where you can check-in no matter where you are.  People from all over, including my isolated self, can check in, give updates, become mayor and provide suggestions of things to do.   Yet the question is, why should I even bother?  What,  I really enjoy about this concept is that it is away to explore new cities while traveling, as well as the place you have lived all your life.  I found a wonderful coffee shop in the middle of

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  • 03Jan

    Sneables Game Design Contest Offers Cash Prize

    Sure, they started as just adorable characters on T-shirts and stationary, but 2day&2morrow’s Creations’ Sneables want to break into cyberspace via a PC near you. The catch: You have to design the game. The downsides: Well, there are none. A cash prize (current amount undetermined) will be awarded for the best Flash-based game based on and inspired by the characters, all of which can be found at the Sneables website. Michael Pellegrino, founder of 2day&2morrow’s Creations, isn’t expecting extensive gameplay testing or game design documents – right now, a fun and cute idea is all you need. Ideas can be submitted at, where more information will become available this month. Follow

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  • 22Sep

    Casual Steampunk game, Blimp Wars website launched

    The official website for casual multiplayer game Blimp Wars is now live at: The game itself will be released in early 2010. Blimp Wars is set in the same steampunk universe as Machine 22’s first release, Golemizer. In Blimp Wars all blimp pilots have to use strategy to win the action in the sky. Players will compete against others with customizable blimps. On the website there is concept art and you can sign up to be part of the closed beta test. Follow

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  • 01Aug

    Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box website goes live

    The official website for Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box has gone live. Not much in the way of details, but you’ll see some screenshots and wallpapers. It’s always useful to bookmark these things for when more stuff goes up. The release date is August 24 for the US and on September 25 for Europe for DS and DSi with Level-5 releasing downloadable puzzles every week for 33 weeks. Follow

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  • 30Jul


    Ever which you could create a coversation on a web site which you couldn’t?  Well now you can with Blerp! “The idea behind Blerp is to take every comment board and forum online and unify them into a single platform,” says Hoffman, “where users are in control and have the tools to post not only text, but anything that has been widgetized, including games, animations and applications.” What this add on to your web browser does is create a conversation about the website in general.  Which is the aim by the company. They want users to be engaged with the sites they are visiting. What is interesting is the fact that Blerp is not limited to just comment post. You will have the ability to intergrate forms of media into the website as well. What they have done is used advanced wigets which can have the ability to ass, maps,

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  • 13Jul

    EA teases

    I love it when companies have a few hidden things up their sleeves. Today twitter posted this link: EA: The website so far is a very large screen of what seems to be an airplane crash. If you just stay on the site, the sounds, music changes. It’s very interesting, but using your mouse you can zoom in on a few areas and learn about the settings. The tower seems to be sending a signal to citizens about illegal activity. There is a guy standing on a ledge that seems to be taking things in and he can’t remember much of what happened. There is an airline ticket for a passenger Benjamin Green but it is not exactly clear that that is the guy on the ledge. Definitely visit the site and take a look around. The art is interesting. It looks like there are four weeks of

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