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  • 25Oct

    Review: Singularity (PS3)

    Rating : M Players : 1 and Multiplayer Genre : Shooter,  Adventure,  Horror Publisher : Activision Developer : Raven Software Release Date : 6/29/2010 RENT Raven Software’s latest game Singularity has come down from a long pedigree. They hatched Hexen, which I played back in the early ’90’s, and more recently Wolfenstien which looked good and also has some of the same elements found in this game. Time space phenomenon, and telekinesis gone wild. In a familiar plot device, the artifact known as the Time Manipulation Device or (TMD) is pivotal in the game. It is nicely detailed right from the start. The Raven logo and the interface show attention and effort. The menus move horizontally with a liquid sound effect that make the motion feel slick. You are inside of some type of ship. Things outside look wrong. The ship is hit by an EMP and then you find

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  • 24Aug

    Jewish Mommy blogger gets upset over receiving Wolfenstein in the mail

    Jessica Gottlieb, a Jewish mommy blogger, wrote a stinging blog post last night about Activision’s latest title, Wolfenstein. Turns out this Jewish mommy blogger received a copy from Activision to review or giveaway. Only they probably didn’t think about who they were giving it to. “Activision Corners the White Pride Market” is the title of her piece where she explains how she opened up the game to find out that in multiplayer, one team is fighting the Nazis while the other team is pretending to be them. In her blog, she describes her shock with the title as she got more enraged seeing a screenshot where she saw a shot of a Swastika. As a whole Jessica states she understands how games showcase the battle of good versus evil and even understands that there is a place for violent games. She’s just angry that Activision sent her a copy. “If

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  • 14Jun

    Singularity and Wolfenstein at E3 2009

    At the Activision booth during E3, not much was actually playable. This write up is about the demo for Singularity and Wolfenstein. Singularity puts the player in a time where Russia is conducting a Cold War experiment with element GG. This element has properties that allow the user to manipulate time of an object. The element research is to help Russia become that elite superpower. Of course things go wrong and it mutates everything in the area. Russia then covered up the mistake by removing all records of the island. The game then starts in 2010. The player controls Nate Renko, who finds the TMD (Time Manipulation Device) attached to his arm. Renko is trying to find his co-pilot and prevent the Singularity from happening. The title is a FPS with time manipulation. The TMD can do four things so far: Revert, Age, Stasis, and Impulse. There may be more

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  • 21Mar

    Wolfenstein gets a new trailer

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