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  • 26May

    Triforce Announces Mass Effect M-3 Predator Pistols Pre-Order Date

    Starting May 29, 2012, you can place your order for the 1:1 scale replica of the Mass Effect 3 M-3 Predator Pistol from Triforce. The replicas are cast in polystone, measures 12″ in length, weights 10 pounds and features working LED effects. This thing is amazing, if the pictures are to be believed. I mean, it’s even got distressing on it like actually went with Shepard and the gang on a mission or two. If you want to own this amazing piece of Mass Effect history, you better get on it May 29th – this is a Limited Edition replica (600 pieces worldwide) and will cost you a whopping $400 USD. Which means, if you loved me you’d buy me one. Because I need this like a fish needs water. The scheduled ship date for the replicas is the 4th Quarter of 2012 and you can check this replica, along with

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  • 17May

    To Lydia With Love, Two More Times

    Kristen Nedopak, the hardest working woman on the web, currently has a plan to get two more Skyrim parody videos created to follow up her super successful Skyrim: To Lydia With Love video, and she needs your help to get them done! One of the main things Kristen talked about in her interview with us a while back was the need for community when trying to create your own content. Without community, it can be very difficult to get creator owned content not only made but finished and distributed for an audience to see. As Kristen is always more than willing to help out other creators with their projects, now’s the perfect chance to return the favor and help her out a little with her projects. You don’t have to be skilled in the art of  Thu’um to help out, or even smithing or necromancing to help out (she’s making it

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  • 27Feb

    Interview: Kristen Nedopak – Actress, Host, Producer, Geek

    It’s hard out there for the creative people with big ideas and projects. How do you get your project started? What happens when you need help with parts of it? Where do you go to get the project exposure? The entertainment industry can be like the tank from Indian Jones and the Last Crusade and you can be the dude that gets crushed under its caterpillar tracks if you’re not careful. Failure can seem inevitable. That’s why awesome people such as Kristen Nedopak are riding in much like Indy himself and throwing you a lifeline before you follow those tracks down to an untimely doom. Last November, Kristen took a big step forward in her mission to help inspire people to be able to do things they are passionate about by putting together the “Geek Girls Creating Their Own Films and Shows” panel at LA’s first Comikaze Expo (which she and her lovely panel of geek ladies

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  • 17May

    Interview: Jessica Pempek, Animator and Illustrator at Toy Studio

    This week the Women in Games Interview is the lovely and talented Jessica Pempek, from Toy Studio. I am happy to just let the ebullient Jess introduce herself! Well hello there! I’m Jess! I work as an animator and illustrator from the great city of Chicago. Don’t get me wrong… there are many drawbacks to Chicago; the weather, taxes and lack of parking to name a few. Thankfully I’m able to say I do what I love for a living and I’m always striving to get better at it. A few of my passions are: cartoons, drawing, animating silly things, pretending to be a photographer, shoes, Snoopy and, of course, my husband! I also like to change song lyrics, which tends to irritate most people, because they find themselves singing about badgers sitting in soup bowls after listening to one of my solos. I’m currently working for a company that

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  • 10May

    Interview: Quinn Dunki of One Girl One Laptop

    Quinn Dunki, code writer, game developer, mobile enthusiast, and not just mobile gaming gives us this interview today. She has worked on Trucks and Skulls for iOS with Appy Entertainment lately. Quinn is the founder of her own company, One Girl One Laptop. Geek Woman: I was told that you are a code Goddess. What is code and what do you do with it? (yes this question might sound stupid, but there are people who don’t know ;)) Quinn Dunki: Well, “writing code” is shorthand for computer programming. It’s basically just text in an editor with a bunch of syntax rules that allow the computer to convert (“compile”) it into a binary format that it can execute. That’s the really short explanation. The long explanation… well…  there’s a reason people go to university for four years to learn this stuff.  Seriously though, there’s no magic to it. The great thing

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  • 11Jan

    Girl Guitar Geek

    Last year I began to enjoy music in new ways with iPod music and sleep Apps. In 2010 what also resurfaced, as a coping mechanism I guess, was my interest in guitar playing. If you have some musical knowledge like I did, or none at all this is an exciting time to get into learning instruments with the help of gadgets that make your musical life easier. It will be two years on Mothers Day that I ran right into a book case in stellar geek fashion, and broke my left hand. Following that incident and the fifteen years lapse since I had picked up an axe led me to believe that I would never play again. It was Tap Tap Revenge 2 on iPod Touch that started it up again. I found my left hand tapping the circles, and I was turning the iPod sideways and holding it like

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  • 18Dec

    A look at women and Computer Science – an opinion piece

    *the following is my personal opinion and not that of GamingAngels* A study released today states that women aren’t in Computer Science because of geek stereotypes. Before I talk about my personal opinion about their survey and what’s really keeping women away from Computer Science, here’s a run down about the study. The author of the article suggests that the stereotype of computer scientists as geeks is what is driving women away from the field. “When people think of computer science, the image that immediately pops into many of their minds is of the computer geek surrounded by such things as computer games, science-fiction memorabilia and junk food,” said lead researcher Sapna Cheryan, an assistant professor of psychology at the University of Washington. “That stereotype doesn’t appeal to many women who don’t like the portrait of masculinity that it evokes.” The study included more than 250 students that weren’t studying

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